Courses for the General Public

Throughout the year, NVIC offers courses that are open to the general public. The following courses are now open for registration: Beginners Course Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and Dutch course.

Weekly Lectures & Films

The NVIC organises weekly lectures (on Thursday) and films (on Sunday) on a variety of subjects. We are looking forward to welcoming you at the institute!

Garden IV - 25th February 2017

GARDEN is a unique and excellent opportunity for young researchers to speak at an international conference and to make contacts with other young scholars from all over the world.


Alexandria: the Pearl of the Mediterranean

Taking a little trip away from the always exciting yet exhausting Cairo is just what we, 33 hard working students studying at the NVIC needed. This past March, just as we were halfway on our Cairo adventure the institute took us all on a five-day trip to see the Pearl of the Mediterranean; Alexandria, the city that got its name from Alexander the Great himself.