Programme in Arabic & Islamic Studies

General Information

The Institute organises Arabic courses for universities, but also for companies, international organisations and individuals.

TAFL: Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language: January 2018

From Monday 8 - Wednesday 17 January 2018, NVIC organises a new edition of the TAFL course. This intensive, interactive course is developed for (future) teachers of Arabic. It addresses both the practical aspects of teaching Arabic as a foreign language and the underlying linguistic and cognitive processes.

Intensive Arabic Summer Course

This intensive course aims to develop students’ basic knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA). Through an integrated method approach, students will learn how to read and write using the Arabic alphabet and how to conduct short conversations with native speakers in Egypt. Grammar and vocabulary acquisition is also an essential part of this course. The course focuses on the four language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening), and is based on a communicative approach where communication between instructor-students and students-students is the main tool of teaching. Arabic texts are used in class activities and for homework too. The course also makes use of peer-work and games in the classroom in order to enhance communication..

Visiting BA students 2016

Every year we are honoured to host several Arabic and Islamic Studies students from Flemish and Dutch Universities. On this page you can keep track with their adventures and reflections on their stay in Cairo. 

Students' Journals

Follow the experiences of our Dutch and Flemish students during their stay in Cairo. Read their stories from 2015 and previous years.