MA Semester for students of Dutch and Flemish Universities, Fall 2017

This MA course in Arabic & Islamic studies is reserved for students enrolled in the relevant study programmes at the participating Universities in Flanders and the Netherlands, who can follow it either as an integral part of their programme (universities of Ghent and Leuven), or as an additional semester after their graduation. Students can follow the programme only after explicit authorization by their home university. 

The focus of the course is on deepening the students’ knowledge of spoken and written Arabic, and on the literature and socio-religious phenomena of the Arab world, and Egypt in particular. The programme is designed to be as complementary as possible to the programmes of the Dutch and Flemish University. The main goal is to offer students more practical experience with the language and culture they study than is possible at their home universities. In addition, the research skills of the students are developed further as a preparation for the writing of their MA dissertation.

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Contacts in the Netherlands:
M. Ronald Kon, Leiden University 
Dr Kiki M. Santing, University of Groningen
Dr Nico Landman, Utrecht University
Dr Gert Borg, Radboud University Nijmegen 
Dr Liesbeth Zack, University of Amsterdam

Contacts in Flanders:
Prof. Dr Helge Daniels, Leuven University
Prof. Dr Jo van Steenbergen, Ghent University

Students can also contact us at:

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