Other Courses

General Information

NVIC also offers short courses. The courses are meant for students from Dutch, Flemish and foreign universities, and some for professionals.

Introduction to Ancient Egypt

Do you live in Egypt and always wondered about all the pharaonic heritage surrounding you? This spring NVIC organises a beginner’s level, introductory course in Egyptology. In 6 richly illustrated lessons, the history of ancient Egypt will be brought to life, both chronologically as well as thematically. The development of ancient Egyptian art and architecture will be traced, but attention will also be paid to topics like the origin of writing, daily life, and funerary rituals. Moreover, some of the most recent discoveries in the field will be discussed. Apart from classroom instruction, an excursion to the Egyptian Museum at Tahrir Square as well as an excursion to Saqqara will allow to bring theory into practice.

Intensive Summer School 2016

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the summer school, which had been planned to take place this summer, has been cancelled. We hope to be able to organise a new edition in the summer of 2017. 

Survival Arabic Group Lessons 2017 (Level 2)

From 16 January until 27 March 2017, NVIC organises Survival Arabic Group Lessons level 2 . In ten weeks’ time, you will improve your communicative skills in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic needed to engage in basic social interactions. Scheduled in the evenings, this course can be combined with your professional activities.