Book launch: the Arabic translation of Mineke Schipper's 'Covered or Uncovered

In the framework of Cairo Literature Festival, the Arabic translation of Mineke Schipper's book 'Covered or Uncovered' will be launched. Author Mineke Schipper will present this recent translation, published by Sefsafa Publishing House, of her book, and she and Abdelraheem Youssif, the translator, will be reading excerpts from it

Mineke Schipper (Professor Emeritus at Leiden University) is the author of academic books, essays and novels. For her internationally acclaimed non-fiction book 'Never Marry a Woman with Big Feet: Women in Proverbs from Around the World' (Yale University Press, 2004) she received the Eureka Award in 2005 for best non-fiction book.

Our doors open at 5:30. The event starts at 6 pm sharp so arriving in time is advised.

For more information on the Festival's program, go to:
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Last Modified: 12-02-2017