The library of the NVIC is an academic reference library. The goal of the library is to support academic research and the teaching programmes of the NVIC in the fields of Arabic studies and Egyptology. However, the collection contains publications for a more generally interested public as well.

The library

The NVIC library is an open public friendly reference library, intended primarily for students and scientists from member institutions, but also for users of non-affiliated institutions and other nationalities. The main fields are Archaeology, Egyptology (incl. Koptologie, Papyrology, Hellenistic Studies) and Arabic studies.

The basis of the library was founded in 1971 at the opening of the NIAASC (Dutch Institute of Archaeology and Arabic Studies in Cairo) by purchasing the Egyptological / Archaeological library of the (in 1969) deceased British archaeologist and Egyptologist Professor W.B. Emery. During the first years, the structure of the collection was mainly on occasional donations and exchanges.

Our collection now contains more than 16,000 titles in different languages, divided into a number of fields that deal mainly with Egypt and the Middle East. The books have been distributed to various areas throughout the institute. We also have a number of Western and Arab Egyptian magazines and weekly and daily newspapers.

The NVIC also has a significant film collection. We have both Dutch and Arabic films with subtitles. For more information about the films, please contact the librarian: Tine Lavent 

At the NVIC library, visitors can make use of free WiFi. In addition, they have access to the digital library of the University of Leiden.

Online Catalogue

You can consult the catalogue of our library here.

Categories in the Catalogue

A: General: Reference works (handbooks, standard books on the history of literature, encyclopaedias, libraries), dictionaries, bibliographies, concordances on Qur’ān and hadīth, catalogues (e.g. of manuscripts), congress acts, collections of articles

B: Islam: Qur’ān, hadīth, fiqh, tafsīr, religions in general, philosophy, mystics, islamic law

C: Linguistics: Arabic Linguistics, grammar books, comparative linguistics, classical dictionaries, sociolinguistics

D: Literature: Arabic literature and handbooks, translations, essays (various subjects)

E: History, politics: Egypt, Middle East, international relations, oil politics, ideologies (liberation movements, nationalism)

F: Art: General, plastic arts, archaeology of the islamic world, numismatics, architecture, calligraphy, music, dance, cinema, theatre

G: Sciences: Mathematics, astrology, geography, technology, early translations from the Greek language, agriculture, water politics, environment, law, economics, taxes, trade, shipping, yearbooks, health, education, travel reports, tourist guides

S: Social sciences: Sociology, anthropology, folklore, society studies, housing, migration, slavery, ethnic and religious minorities, psychology, women studies, culture, development cooperation, management, bureaucracy, industry, trade unions, journalism, human rights, refugees

H:Ancient Egyptian: dictionaries, reference works

I: Ancient Egypt: general

K: Coptic studies

L: Ancient Nubia, Sudan

M: Graeco-Roman Egypt

N: Ancient Near East

GF: Large sized publications

Arabic studies, Ancient Egypt and Coptic studies

NL/VL: The Netherlands and Flanders Periodicals and newspaper collection 

Offprints: Egyptology and Arabic Studies

Excavation Reports: Reports of NVIC related archaeological excavations in Egypt

Series: Arabic studies, Egyptology, Coptic studies

Periodical Collection: Arabic, Archaeology/Egyptology, Dutch/Flemish, Coptic studies, Kush-Nubia, Greaco-Roman

Newspaper archive

Collection of maps



Last Modified: 06-11-2017